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Patternmaster - The Science of Shot

Pattermaster - The Science of Shot A group of hunters began with a very simple mission... how to have a better hunt. The result was Patternmaster® and now we've partnered with them to provide a quick and easy way for you to say thank you to your friends and borrowers who like to hunt.

Patented Technology
The secret is the studs inside Patternmaster®. They slow the wad for a fraction of a second and as it pauses the shot charge leaves the barrel undisturbed by the wad and gases. By taking the wad and gases out of the equation, Patternmaster® delivers beautiful, even, dense patterns with all loads and shot sizes. Our patented Stud Ring™ is in all Patternmaster® Classic tubes and Code Black Duck, Goose, Upland, Decoy, Timber, and Big Games tubes.

Whether your waist-deep in flooded timber, kicked-back in a coffin blind or crouched and camo’d against an oak, Patternmaster has had you in mind for over 25 years. Our tubes cover everything from being game- specific, like our Code Black line of tubes; to gun-make and range-specific, found in our Classic series; to the combination of range, constriction and wad-stripping technology found in our Anaconda collection. The motive behind our variety of products is really quite simple: despite all our complex R&D, difficult equations and busted knuckles, the fact remains the Louisiana marsh hunter is looking for something very different thanthe Georgia turkey hunter and they both need something different than the Illinois goose hunter.

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